This week on the See You Next Wednesday podcast, Dan sits down with Beatriz At Dinner and experiences the squirm-inducing dark-comedy from writer Mike White and director Miguel Arteta. It’s Salma Hayek versus John Lithgow in this bleak but comedic drama for Trump’s America. Then, Greg has a Rough Night before Casey tries to figure out why Not Another Celebrity Movie is a thing that exists. Then we discuss Headstones’ new outing Little Army as this week’s punishment album before rolling for movies next week.

Before any of that, we dive into Greg’s live-concert experience as he saw Tears For Fears and Hall & Oates his week, we dive into some X-Men project announcements, Casey and Dan go head-to-head over Oh, Hello and the Vacation remake, Greg scolds Dan for watching Taking Care of Business, and we reminisce about John G. Alvidsen and Stephen Furst memories in the wake of their passing.

All of this, and so much more. Get listening, below:

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