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Episode 264 – The Fate of the Furious & The Fast and Fierce

This week on Episode #264, Dan and Casey discover their F8 furiously with The F8 of the Furious! It’s a brand-new, wheel-spinning entry in the long-running Furious franchise, and they’ve got all the information on whether or not this one stacks up. Meanwhile, Greg “speeds” through The Fast and the Fierce, an Asylum mockbuster that may- or may-not have anything to do with cars, racing, and the Fast and Furious franchise. Will he fall in love with this dumb flick, or hate it? Find out! Finally, we all check out Car Seat Headrest’s 2016 album Teens of Denial thanks to Casey’s punishment pick.

Before that, we discuss our listener’s questions (such as “What sequel would you love to see happen?”) and talk about movies we’ve watched this week, the new MST3K revival, and so much more. Plus, we talk about another episode of The O.C. Season 2 at the end of the show!

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  • Matt Brown

    Hi See You Next Wednesday, longtime listener, first time writer.

    The jury is NOT out on Pierce Brosnan. Pierce Brosnan is a TERRIBLE Bond. As Greg intimates, this is not entirely his fault – the era of the franchise he inherited was pretty fucking messed up. Perhaps he was TOLD, directly, not to “give a performance” or “make the role his own.” But whether those orders were explicit or not, that was the outcome. You know how the Bond videogames in the ’90s (GOLDENEYE included) had a silhouette of Bond on the cover with his face blacked out to suggest, overall, just a “shape” of Bond? That’s the Bond Brosnan played. He managed to get off, on average, ONE good moment per movie – so that’s four good moments overall – but boy, was it lovely when he wasn’t Bond any more.

    Good points re: demystifying things for children. I don’t have children and I’m sure most of your listeners hope I never acquire any, but if I do, I think we are on the same page.

    Thank you for the enthusiastic praise for 20th CENTURY WOMEN, I will try that out immediately. And that’s as far as I got on my way to work today because your shows are 600 years long.

    Reply to Matt Brown

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