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Episode 240 – LIVE! Boo! A Medea Halloween & Spooky Buddies

boo a madea halloween movie 2016 see you next wednesday live episodeThis week to celebrate our 240th show we come to you live from Dundas Video in Toronto, Ontario! All three of us get frightened by Boo! A Medea Halloween while Casey gets spooked by the Air Bud-adjacent Spooky Buddies. Then we’re all ‘Here, kitty kitty!’ as we discuss everyone’s 4th favorite member of Kiss (Peter “The Kitty Cat” Criss)’s solo effort.

Before any of that, we chat in front of a live crowd about what we’ve been watching this week as well as dive into some comic book news – including the new trailer for Logan, casting news in the Star Wars universe and beyond, Deadpool director musical chairs, Channel Zero’s freaky fettuccine spooky-pasta adaptation, scary real estate in Abattoir, Dreamaniac’s dream-less succubus, Ti West’s In A Valley of Violence and so much more! You seriously gotta hear it! Plus we get into another episode of The O.C. in Orange You Glad It’s The O.C. Corner!

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  • Matt Brown

    Genuinely sorry I had to leave at halftime on Sunday night (was coming down with a cold) but think the second half of this episode is GREAT so I’m glad I didn’t spoil myself! Surprisingly insightful MADEA conversation, given that it’s fuckin MADEA.

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