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Episode 219 – X-Men: Apocalypse & Alice Through The Looking Glass


This week on the podcast, we’re taking a look at the latest film in the long-running X-Men franchise, with Brian Singer returning to helm Apocalypse after the success of Days of Future Past. Is this another home run, or has Singer returned to the well one too many times. Then, Casey looks through… the looking glass… at Alice Through The Looking Glass – has the refreshed director’s chair mean this sequel to an oft-maligned film has a leg up? He’s got the answers, before we dive back into the output of major asshole Gene Simmons with his self-titled Kiss / Solo album.

All of this, plus movie news, reviews of Bloodline Season 2, the Preacher pilot, and so much more!

Show Notes:

  • ABC’s New Shows Are Insane! (2:08)
  • New Comedy Based On 80s Show G.L.O.W. (10:40)
  • Bloodline Season 2: How Is It? (12:08)
  • Greg Watched The Preacher Season Premier (18:48)
  • The Rock Confirmed as Doc Savage (26:16)
  • Casey Visits Lily Tomlin’s Film Grandma (28:08)
  • Dan Revisits Philomena (32:32)
  • Greg Continues His Journey Through Hitchcock’s Filmography (34:56)
  • Film Roulette Begins (43:08)
  • X-Men: Apocalypse Review (44:06)
  • Alice Through The Looking Glass Review (1:01:16)
  • Gene Simmons’ Self-Titled Kiss Album & Punishment Reveal (1:07:52)
  • Roll: Popstar vs. Pop Star (1:21:52)
  • Straight Flush: Fuller House’s Final Episode (1:25:45)

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  • Matt Brown

    Hi guys, my name is Matt, I’m the co-host of the popular “Super Zero” podcast. I hope I put those quotation marks in the right place.

    I haven’t caught up to APOCALYPSE yet but I’m having trouble understanding how you lay all these problems at Bryan Singer’s feet. He’s made *three* good X-Men movies (plus one good Superman movie). Even if this one is garbage, clearly the problem is sitting with Fox, not Singer. Fox – who made, wait let’s count, *all* the shitty X-Men movies, including APOCALYPSE, plus every baffling decision with respect to this franchise over the course of the past fifteen years.

    As for Matthew Vaughn… as much as fanboys love to pretend X3 was Brett Ratner’s fault, it wasn’t. Ratner got hired 3 weeks before photography began to replace… oh yeah… Matthew Vaughn. Who developed that project for TWO YEARS before bailing out right before game day. If X3 is garbage, it’s because of Vaughn. Ratner couldn’t have varied the quality on that product more than 5% in either direction if he’d turned up to set with his hands sewn to his ass… which confidential sources inform me that on at least one occasion, he did.

    I’m with Greg on at least one thing: it would be lovely to see Fox just, y’know, stop making these. Or at least, jump to a completely different context, scenario, and set of characters. I dunno, maybe DEADPOOL will force them to do that. Maybe WOLVERINE 3 will be awesome. Maybe Emma Frost is alive. I don’t know! I’m not a studio executive! And my only mutant power is jaywalking. So I’m just gonna walk away now.

    Reply to Matt Brown
    • Dan Gorman

      I can’t really say I’ve been a big big fan of any of his films, including The Usual Suspects. Yeah, I like Superman Returns more than what that movie gets from people on average, and just having his name attached as producer on Trick R’ Treat is enough for me to be on his side overall.

      I have heard you guys talk about that X3 thing a lot in the past, and I agree – I think on the DoFP episode I even brought it up? Not sure, but I know we’ve broached the topic at some poing in the past. I’ve never been one to shit on X3 too hard because, well, I just plain didn’t bother to watch it because I’m not that interested.

      If anything, I think it’s probably Simon Kinberg who has more of a target after the Apocalypse debacle than anyone – he wrote the Fantastic Four movie, Last Stand, Jumper, This Means War… he’s also got a couple movies I have a fondness for, but his ratio is pretty skewed towards the negative (even if I think the Fantastic Four movie was undeserving of the reaction it got.)

      Anyway, I dunno where I’m going with this – I had a lot of fun with Apocalypse as a piece of schlock, as mentioned on the show.

      Reply to Dan Gorman

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