We’re staying nice while getting angry this week, because Casey and Dan went and saw the new Shane Black action-comedy The Nice Guys while Greg catapulted his way into The Angry Birds Movie. Is the former a rollicking good time or a familiar retread? And is the latter going to make Greg red in the face, or tickled blue with laughter? We’re going to find out, on our latest episode!

Plus, we’re diving into the latest news, including: John Carpenter announcing his involvement with a Halloween remake, the continued possibility of a Big Trouble in Little China remake, the state of horror and biopics in the year 2016, and more. All of this, with bonus reviews of Zootopia, Wizard Mode, Jaws II, Vertigo, The Blob ’88, and so much more!

Show Notes:

  • Dan Gives Greg & Casey… Candy! (1:57)
  • John Carpenter Executive Producing a New Hollywood Film with Blumhouse (7:29)
  • The Rock Still Promising Big Trouble in Little China Remake (11:01)
  • The State of Horror in 2016 (13:04)
  • John Belushi Documentary in the works for Showtime (17:16)
  • Miles Ahead & The State of Biopics (19:24)
  • Greg Revisits the ’88 Blob Too! (24:40)
  • Maria Bamford’s Netflix Show Lady Dynamite (28:24)
  • Greg Weighs in on Playing House (35:04)
  • Dan Watched the Vimeo Original Documentary Wizard Mode (35:52)
  • Greg Watched Jaws II (43:00)
  • Greg Checks Back In With Vertigo & Other Hitchcock Films (47:40)
  • Rogue One: Vader Scenes? (51:40)
  • Film Roulette Begins (53:27)
  • The Nice Guys Review (54:13)
  • Angry Birds: The Movie Review (1:02:56)
  • Spazz’s Sweatin’ To The Oldies & Punishment Album Reveal (1:12:52)
  • Film Roulette Roll: X-Men Apocalypse vs Alice Through The Looking Glass (1:23:48)
  • Straight Flush: “Save The Dates” Fuller House Episode Review (1:27:26)

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