This week on See You Next Wednesday, we’re talking about Midnight Special – the new film from Jeff Nichols, starring Michael Shannon and Kirsten Dunst. Then, we’re talking about, sigh, bloodfarts when Casey sits through the no-budget horror-comedy Terror at Blood Fart Lake – is it a sub-Troma mess or is there a glimmer of brilliance in them-there blood? Finally, we dive into A Certain Ratio’s album Sextet.

But first, we talk about After Earth, Lifetime’s UnREAL, Big Trouble in Little China, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Ranch, Fuller House, and so much more! Get listenin’!

Show Notes:

  • Swiss Army Man Trailer Review (3:05)
  • Sicario 2 In The Works (6:50)
  • Spider Man Domain Name Purchase Reveal Upcoming Movie Title? (9:33)
  • The Gunslinger’s Script Is A Major Bummer (13:39)
  • Joel McHale as Chevy Chase in Netflix and David Wain’s National Lampoon Biopic (14:53)
  • Casey Has a Star Wars Weekend (17:46)
  • Greg Watches After Earth (21:28)
  • Dan Watches Lifetime’s UnREAL (29:30)
  • Saturday Night Live Corner (35:20)
  • Greg Watches Big Trouble In Little China Again (42:28)
  • Casey Revisits TRON: LEGACY (44:59)
  • Film Roulette Begins (50:00)
  • Midnight Special Review (50:52)
  • Terror at Blood Fart Lake Review (1:01:30)
  • A Certain Ratio’s Sextet Album Review & Punishment Reveal (1:13:07)
  • Roll: Everybody Wants Some! vs American Pie Presents: The Book of Love (1:23:30)
  • Straight Flush: Fuller House & The Ranch Reviews (1:27:15)
  • And then all whiskey-hell breaks loose.

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