This week on Episode 207 of See You Next Wednesday, we’re talkin’ about all things action! First, Dan and Casey have fallen and can’t get up because they just got back from seeing London Has Fallen! How does this sequel stack up against the first film, and is it rousingly ridiculous or just straight-up silly? They’ve got your answer, right before Greg takes a crash-course in 80s buddy-cop comedy with Jay Leno in the oft-forgotten (for a reason!) Collision Course! Finally, we take one for the team by listening to Simple Plan’s Take One For The Team.

Before any of that happens, we have the results of Greg’s Chopped Challenge Punishment, plus a ton of movie review and trailer talk with Ghostbusters, Lady in the Water, The River, Venom news and much more! Then we finish up with our review of Fuller House, Episode 2!

Show Notes:

  • Greg’s Chopped Cook-off Challenge Results (2:50)
  • Ghostbusters Trailer Discussion (15:00)
  • 23 Jump Street and Men In Black Crossover (20:50)
  • A Venom Movie is Back on Track (24:00)
  • J.K. Simmons cast in Justice League Film (28:48)
  • Bruce Willis in Death Wish Remake (28:38)
  • Casey Watched the Pardcastathon 2016 (33:30)
  • Arnold Rumored For The Predator Appearance? (34:50)
  • Dan Reviews Losin’ It and Tower of Evil, plus Darby Forever (41:00)
  • Documentary Review: NY77 Coolest Year in Hell (43:20)
  • Casey Watched Cuckoo (44:23)
  • Slow Learners Review (46:25)
  • Greg Watched The Lady in the Water (47:20)
  • Film Roulette Begins (58:00)
  • London Has Fallen Review (58:55)
  • Collision Course Review (1:09:00)
  • Simple Plan Take One for the Team Gorgeous Review & Punishment Reveal (1:18:55)
  • Die Roll: 10 Cloverfield Lane vs. S. Darko (1:26:55)
  • Fuller House Episode 2 Review: (1:30:45)

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