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Episode 206 – Triple 9 & Gods of Egypt


This week on See You Next Wednesday, Casey and Greg call in a Triple 9 and go check out the star-studded crime-drama from director John Hillcoat while Dan tries to escape the Gods of Egypt from probably-self-proclaimed-visionary-director Alex Proyas. Is the former an over-stuffed and over-ambitious mess? Is the latter the best video game movie not to be based on a video game? You’ll find out on the show, and the answers just might surprise you! Finally, we check out Don’t Stop or We’ll Die‘s first full-length effort, Gorgeous.

But first, we talk about the Oscars, review a handful of movies, chat about the upcoming Wolverine comic-book adaptation, and so much more!

Show Notes:

  • Letters from Listeners (1:40)
  • Wolverine & Old Man Logan Adaptation (5:49)
  • Making a Murderer Season 2 (11:15)
  • Dan Watched The Thin Blue Line (13:55)
  • Casey Watches BBC’s River (16:30)
  • Greg Reviews He Never Died (19:20)
  • The Academy Awards 2016 (25:12)
  • Casey Reviews Brooklyn (38:00)
  • Casey Finally Saw The Iron Giant (41:50)
  • Dan Reviews Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home (44:30)
  • Greg Reviews Maggie (47:46)
  • Dan Watched High School U.S.A. (54:10)
  • Film Roulette Begins (57:00)
  • Triple 9 Review (58:00)
  • Gods of Egypt Review (1:06:57)
  • Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die’s Gorgeous Review & Punishment Reveal (1:22:06)
  • Die Roll: London Has Fallen vs. Collision Course (1:34:00)
  • Greg’s Ultimate Punishment Reveal Time! (1:38:42)
  • Fuller House Episode 1 Review: (1:45:00)

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  • Matt Brown

    Thank you for removing from me the burden of ever having to watch an episode of FULLER HOUSE. You have already answered the only curiousities I had about the new show.

    Reply to Matt Brown

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