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Episode 198 – The Revenant & Think Like A Man


We’re back with another episode of See You Next Wednesday. This week, Greg and Dan crawl through the mud, sleep inside a horse’s carcass, eat a raw liver, and saddle up with The Revenant. Is this the performance that gives Leonardo DiCaprio his golden statue? We weigh in, before Casey thinks like a man who watched Think Like A Man and goes off on this hateful piece of seemingly innocuous rom-com fluff; what’s got Casey so riled up? You’ll have to listen in to find out, but it’s certainly not the rainbow-tinged tunes of Lil Bub’s Science & Magic, our punishment album for the week.

But first, we talk about Creed II possibilities, review a bevvy of movies (including Creed, The Seven-Five, Get Crazy, End of Days, The Big Short, Wild, and more) before figuring out what the extra F in Stephen Dorff stands for.

All of this, plus our See You Next Wednesday Top 10 films of 2015 at the end of the episode – get listening! And let us know what we missed, or what we got wrong!

Show Notes:

  • Creed II Possibilities [2:32]
  • Making a Murderer Wrap-Up [5:06]
  • The Seven-Five Documentary [10:15]
  • The Big Short Review [13:46]
  • End Of Days (1999), Get Crazy (1983), A Night In Heaven (1983) [22:06]
  • Air America [28:54]
  • Off Limits (1988) [31:37]
  • Casey Talks Creed [32:19]
  • We Need To Talk About “We Need To Talk About Kevin” [34:50]
  • The Raiders of Atlantis (1983) [40:55]
  • Wild (2014) [43:26]
  • F Is For Family on Netflix [46:40]
  • Film Roulette Begins [48:57]
  • The Revenant Review [49:39]
  • Think Like A Man Review [1:00:33]
  • Lil Bub’s Science & Magic + Punishment Reveal [1:11:09]
  • Roll: Winner’s Choice vs. Baby’s Day Out [1:20:57]
  • 2015 In Review: SYNW’s Top Ten [1:23:15]

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