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Episode 197 – Joy, The Hateful Eight & Jingle All The Way 2


This week, we’re back and it was a winner’s choice roll again. Greg saw the new David O. Russel film Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence over the holidays and will let us all know how much he enjoyed it! Then, Casey saw The Hateful Eight and has a lot to say about the latest from Tarantino. Finally, Dan suffered through the sequel that no one asked for, Jingle All The Way 2 and he’ll Jingle All The Way to disappointment as he recalls how bad it was. Last, but not least, we talk about the Lynyrd Skynyrd album Christmas Time Again before rolling all over again.

But first, we talk about some comic book news, discuss Star Wars The Force Awakens again, as well as review Point Break 3D, get into some Christmas movies including Die Hard, gather around the water cooler for Netflix’s Making a Murderer, Absolutely Anything, Little Shop of Horrors, Jobriath A.D., and much more!

Show Notes:

  • The Punisher Photos [7:31]
  • Deadpool Trailer [10:24]
  • Christmas Movies [11:48]
  • Making a Murderer [13:49]
  • The Good Dinosaur [24:12]
  • Point Break 3D [25:08]
  • Absolutely Anything [29:48]
  • Jobraith A.D. [34:08]
  • Little Shop of Horrors [39:20]
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens Thoughts Part. II [40:12]
  • Film Roulette Begins [46:12]
  • Joy Review [47:04]
  • The Hateful Eight Review [57:06]
  • Jingle All The Way 2 Review [1:03:24]
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd Christmas Time Again Review [1:14:54]
  • Punishment Album Reveal [1:22:50]
  • Roll: The Revenant vs. Think Like A Man [1:24:52]
  • Punishment Films: A Year In Review & The Biggest Loser [1:30:24]

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  • Tony D’Amico

    Oh yeah, I also found Oculus to be more entertaining than it had any right to be. I really enjoyed the way the film was shot. So your the odd man out Greg.

    Reply to Tony D'Amico
  • Tony D’Amico

    Casey, you are not alone in your Chappie love my friend. It’s #5 on my Letterboxd end of year list. Dan doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

    Also, I anted to comment on the suggestion you mentioned a few weeks ago about possibly watching “The O.C.” this year. I am not ashamed to admit I loved that show and own the seasons on DVD. Yeah it’s a teen drama, but what you guys will get out of it is the IMO amazing soundtrack to the show. Every week they played bits from more than a few bands that were unknown to me at the time or just something I never gave a shit about. i.e., Spoon was introduced to me by this show. I think if you look at the Wiki on music featured in the show, you would be surprised. Anyway that’s just my input.

    Also, I’m not defending Blues, I like a small portion of what I’ve heard in the past. But I think it’s a valid point that when you say it’s all the same sounding shit, that’s exactly how I feel about “Punk” music with it’s 3 shitty chords. Now I’m not saying all Punk is terrible, but the larger portion of it I find brutal to listen to. I find that to all sound the same. I’m specifically speaking on older punk.

    Reply to Tony D'Amico

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