We’re back, and this week it’s a Winner’s Choice episode, so while Greg is out celebrating the holiday by checking out The Night BeforeCasey is getting his spy on with Bridge of Spies. Will we have a new Christmas classic on our hands and a top-notch thriller from a master of cinema? They’ve got the answers for you on the latest episode of See You Next Wednesday!

Then, Dan slaps on a pair of 3D glasses and watches James Franco emote in Every Thing Will Be Fine. Is this a daring experiment in dramatic dimensions, or just a failed attempt to add depth to this flat script? Finally, we continue with our holiday theme by listening to Duck Dynasty’s Christmas album – uh, yeah.

But first, we talk about trailers (Star Trek Beyond, High Rise, Independence Day and The BFG,) the potential Idris Elba Dark Tower casting, and review Paddington, The Stanford Experiment, Prince of the City, and much more!

Finally, it’s the season finale of 9021Oh Yeah Season Three! Our thoughts and opinions on this horrifyingly poor season finale – seriously, it’s one of the worst.

Show Notes:

  • Star Trek: Beyond Trailer [Starts at 2:35]
  • Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer [Starts at 7:25]
  • Steven Spielberg‘s The BFG Teaser [Starts at 10:39]
  • Idris Elba’s Dark Tower Casting [Starts at 12:50]
  • High Rise Teaser Trailer [Starts at 15:30]
  • Paddington Review [Starts at 16:53]
  • The Stanford Prison Experiment Review [Starts at 20:16]
  • Prince of the City Review [Starts at 23:44]
  • The Night Before Review: [Starts at 41:20]
  • Bridge of Spies: [Starts at 50:07]
  • Every Thing Will Be Fine: [Starts at 56:16]
  • Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas Album Review & Punishment Reveal: [Starts at 1:07:48]
  • Film Roulette Dice Roll – Winner’s Choice vs. Every Thing Will Be Fine [Starts at 1:18:56]
  • 9021Oh Yeah Relay: Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 3 Finale! [Starts at 1:22:46]

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