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Episode 194 – Krampus & Christmas Caper


This week, on another episode of See You Next Wednesday, we’re talking about the hotly anticipated holiday-horror film Krampus – from the director of Trick R Treat. Is this a new holiday classic, or would you rather receive a lump of coal in your stocking this year? Then, Greg circles back on the Shannen Doherty family channel film Christmas Caper! Is there even a caper involved? Find out! And then, we are subjected to the latest album by Canadian pop-star Justin Bieber, Purpose.

But before we do all that (including rolling for movies next week!) we’re talking about Tarantino’s announcement that Kill Bill III is a “possibility,” that Ryan Coogler is being eyed as director of Marvel’s Black Panther, and we review Downhill Racer, Oculus, Doctor Who, Misery, Tangerine, and so much more!

Finally, we wrap up by looking back on Season 3 of Beverly Hills, 90210 before we dive into the season finale next week!

Show Notes:

  • Opening & General Movie Discussions: [00 min through 47 min 53 sec]
  • Krampus Review: [Starts at 49 min 52 sec]
  • Christmas Caper: [Starts at 1 hr 2 min 56 sec]
  • Justin Bieber’s Purpose Album Review & Punishment Reveal: [Starts at 1 hr 23 min 22 sec]
  • Film Roulette Dice Roll – Winner’s Choice vs. Every Thing Will Be Fine [Starts at 1 hr 14 min 22 sec]

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  • Matt Brown

    Hi guys! It’s your imaginary friend, Matt Brown. I’ve been a little more imaginary than usual these past few weeks, with my Star Wars inspired internet blackout. So I’m just getting caught up on your shows today.

    I wanted to take a moment to welcome Greg aboard the Doctor Who Awesomeness Express (for some reason I genuinely thought that name would be less geeky than “the TARDIS”). And I also want to assure sweet, fretful Dan that I had the exact experience he’s worried about and it worked out fine – I jumped aboard on season 5 (Matt Smith’s first year) with no prior Doctor Who knowledge and loved the shit out of it. I would read up on Wikipedia if there was anything in the episodes I didn’t understand, and sometimes that would lead me to watch some crazy vintage Doctor Who too, which was its own reward.

    Also very happy that Caseylus is rightulus about Oculus, which is greatulus.

    Reply to Matt Brown

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