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Episode 193 – Creed & Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch


We’re back, with the 193rd episode of See You Next Wednesday.

This week, Greg and Dan duke it out in the ring as they head to theaters and watch the latest film in the Rocky series Creed. How does this critically acclaimed boxing film perform? We’ve got all the answers for you this week, before Casey fetches himself the direct-to-DVD Air Bud film Seventh Inning Fetch. Is there something in the rule book about a dog being able to play baseball? Why is there a raccoon trying to steal a batch of puppies? Does anyone even read all of these show notes? Casey will have some answers for you, hopefully! You’ll have to listen in to find out. Then, we discuss the latest album from new age Irish musician Enya at the hands of Casey.

But first, we talk about Fargo season two, Quiet Cool (again!), People Places Things, Banksy Does New York, Rubble Kings, Jessica Jones, the Captain America: Civil War trailer, and the news of a Kevin Bacon starring Tremors television series.

Finally, we get back into the swing of some 9021Oh Yeah Relay! at the end of the episode. You won’t want to miss out on this one!

Show Notes:

  • Opening & General Movie Discussions: [00 min through 33 min 29 sec]
  • Creed Review: [Starts at 34 min 10 sec]
  • Air Bud, Seventh Inning Fetch: [Starts at 49 min 20 sec]
  • Enya’s Dark Sky Island Album Review & Punishment Reveal: [Starts at 1 hr 05 min 42 sec]
  • Film Roulette Dice Roll – Krampus vs. Christmas Caper [Starts at 1 hr 14 min 22 sec]
  • 9021Oh Yeah Relay! Episode (“Something in the Air”) [Starts 1 hr 18 min 05 sec]

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