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Episode 189 – Bone Tomahawk, MI: Rogue Nation & The Last Witch Hunter


We’re back with another episode of See You Next Wednesday! This week, Greg and Casey get to pick their films for Winner’s Choice in Film Roulette – Greg checked in with Mission Impossible Rogue Nation and weighs in with his thoughts, before Casey squirms his way through some uncomfortably intense genre filmmaking with Bone Tomahawk. Then, Dan heads to the theater to sit through The Last Witch Hunter, but he remembers to stop by the gummy bear tree for some butterfly cupcakes along the way – confused? You’ll have to listen in to find out! Finally, they all take a look back on the album Black Sails in the Sunset by AFI.

But first, we’re talking about Ash vs. The Evil Dead, Difficult People, The Shining, Evil Dead II, Terror in the Aisles, and much, much more! And at the end of the episode, Dan will take us through another episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 in our 9021Oh Yeah Relay! segment!

It’s all in a day’s podcast work for us at See You Next Wednesday – we hope you enjoy it!

Show Notes:

  • Opening & General Movie Discussions: [00 min through 47 min 07 sec]
  • Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Review: [Starts at 48 min 10 sec]
  • Bone Tomahawk Review: [Starts at 56 min 18 sec]
  • The Last Witch Hunter Review: [Starts at 1 hr 01 min 24 sec]
  • AFI’s Black Sails in the Sunset Album Review & Punishment Reveal: [Starts at 1 hr 12 min 59 sec]
  • Film Roulette Dice Roll – Spectre vs. PAN [Starts at 1 hr 28 min 09 sec]
  • 9021Oh Yeah Relay: Episode “A Night to Remember” [Starts at 1 hr 31 min 18 sec]

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  • Deefidicus

    I watched Ash vs Evil Dead and I’ll say this about Casey; the SYNW hosts are basically Kirk, Spock and McCoy except everybody wants to punch Casey… I mean, McCoy.

    Reply to Deefidicus
  • Matt Brown


    So glad you guys are gonna do Pan. When I saw it my immediate reaction was that this could be an all-time-best SYNW punishment movie. BUT, I’m disappointed that Gorman got stuck with it, only because I think Greg or Casey’s heads would have cracked open and batmonkeys would have flown out about 40 seconds after the movie reaches Never Never Land.

    Reply to Matt Brown
    • Dan Gorman

      Where you been, you’ve commented on episodes with show-notes in the past yo! Protip: they’re in your podcast app and in the Facebook link-description as well!

      Also: how dare you insult my head’s ability to crack open and shoot bat-monkeys our!!!

      Reply to Dan Gorman
  • Fearless Flyer

    Laughed out loud at “unstoppable evil from the depths…where…where are my keys”

    Reply to Fearless Flyer
    • Dan Gorman

      Hey thanks! Who said it (or what’s the time-stamp) and I’ll turn it into a Facebook meme thingy!

      Reply to Dan Gorman
      • Fearless Flyer

        The classic and inimitable Greg at 33:12-33:18

        Also we will absolutely not change our name, but that airhorn sound was beautiful. You guys might get sampled, who knows?

        Reply to Fearless Flyer

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