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Episode 187 – Goosebumps & Monkeybone


See You Next Wednesday is back with another jam-packed episode of podcasting action!

This week, Dan and Casey get spookified when they dive into an adaption of kiddo-horror with the new film Goosebumps starring Jack Black. Is this film landing in theaters just in time for Halloween, or should you pop in an Amblin classic instead? Find out, and then listen to Greg as he reviews the 2001 film Monkeybone starring Brendan Fraser and an animated monkey – no, not Chris Kattan, but you’re not far off! Finally, they check in with a Barbra Streisand album from the 70s, thanks to Greg.

Plus, they chat about the latest Star Wars movie, drink some weird BlackFly grape and lime flavoured alcohol (Uh Oh!) and review Come and Get It, You’re Next, Creep, ROAR, Night of the Creeps, and so much more!

Show Notes:

  • Opening & General Movie Discussions: [00 min through 1 hour]
  • Goosebumps Review: [Starts at 1 hr 2 min 11 sec]
  • Monkeybone Review: [Starts at 1 hr 19 min 16 sec]
  • Film Roulette Dice Roll – Room vs. Jem & The Holograms: [Starts at 1 hr 41 min 23s]
  • Barbra Streisand’s …and other instruments Album Review & Punishment Reveal: [Starts at 1 hour 35 min]
  • 9021Oh Yeah Relay: Episode “Senior Poll” [Starts at 1 hr 43 min 28 sec]

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  • Matt Brown

    Here’s what blows my mind about where we are in pop culture right now (and I swear this isn’t a knock on you guys’ decision-making or anything):

    Steven Spielberg’s first movie in 2 years came out this week. Not only did you guys designate it as the “win” movie, you didn’t even mention it when you were trying to decide between GOOSEBUMPS (?!!) and CRIMSON PEAK.

    Now, BRIDGE OF SPIES is a decent movie but nothing to write home about. But as a dyed in the wool Spielberg man since the dawn of time, it’s amazing to me that anything he’s done can now be designated as so inconsequential.

    Reply to Matt Brown
    • Dan Gorman

      Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies did nothing for me, marketing wise – I had barely an iota of interest in the project for some reason, despite Hanks being on deck.

      I guess it has been a while since I’ve been legitimately excited about his work – not a big fan of Lincoln at all, to be honest, and I think the last movie of his I outright loved was TIN TIN.

      Anyway, I don’t know, it just never really came up and we’re all in the Halloween mood so that probably tipped our minds to go straight for Goosebumps vs. Crimson Peak for the winner.

      Reply to Dan Gorman

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