See You Next Wednesday

Episode 169 – Jurassic World & Theodore Rex

Jurassic World

This week on the latest episode of See You Next Wednesday, Greg and Casey discover a whole new world of familiar territory when they check out Jurassic World, while Dan discovers a whole new world of crazy dinosaur shoes when he watches Theodore Rex. Will our nostalgia for dinosaurs on film brighten up the latest blockbuster film, or are we better off staying at home watching foam-rubber dinosaurs in forgotten film history disasters. Listen in, to find out!

Then, they all unpack the various influences and sounds that make up the debut album of Montreal’s own Ought, More Than Any Other Day.

Plus, as usual we have The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, and a very special 9021Oh Yeah! Relay where Dan basically guesses what the episode was about.

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  • Tony D’Amico

    So I guess I’ll update you on what exactly happened on 90210, although it was hilarious hearing you relay the show as you did Dan. I’ll just go over a few things,not the entire episode.
    That wasnt Sue´s dad, it was her creepy uncle, I think their dad is dead. Anyway he says some things during that dinner scene that makes it our that he thinks Sue is lying, and David says something along the lines of Dougie said he would never go back to the uncles ranch but didn’t specify. And it ends up that creeper uncle is the molester the whole time and the mom didn’t want to believe it. Mind you I watched the episode about 5 months ago so it might not be perfect

    Reply to Tony D'Amico
    • Dan Gorman

      Amazing – thanks for the heads up Tony! I had no idea it wasn’t her Dad but was instead the Uncle. Makes more sense, now.

      Reply to Dan Gorman
  • jakeg99

    Sounds like you just wanted to hate on this film. I highly doubt that the “message” in this film was an accident. I’m sure will all the time and money they spent on this film, they gave some time and thought to a message.

    Also, since when does Chris Pratt HAVE to be funny? He’s perfectly FINE in this roll, and proves that a serious action hero roll can still be a box-office draw.

    The fact that the “orginal” film come backs to “kill” this film is awesome, and is totally the point.

    Reply to jakeg99

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