This week on See You Next Wednesday, Dan and Casey watch Arnold Schwarzenegger try his hardest (I think?) in the TIFF-approved zombie drama Maggie. Is it a lumbering, plodding mess? Or does the thoughtful tone work with Arnold?

Meanwhile Greg gets trapped in a house full of whales? and more zombies when he checks out Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection. How does this low-budget, camcorder-shot movie stack up to the original of which it takes its name? And should anyone even bother making Zombie movies any more? We’ve got all the answers!

Then, we discuss Blur‘s newest comeback effort, The Magic Whip and roll for Mad Max: Fury Road for next week. Next, Casey takes us through another episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 in our 9021Oh Yeah Relay! segment. Plus, we catch up with It Follows, Dead of Winter, We’re The Millers, tons of movie news, and so much more!

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