See You Next Wednesday

Episode 148 – American Sniper & Sniper: Legacy


This week on See You Next Wednesday, Greg and Casey take down Clint Eastwood’s box-office smash and Oscar contender American Sniper, while Dan learns the true meaning of mediocrity when he checks out Sniper: Legacy – the latest direct-to-video action flick in this long-running series.

Then they report back on the sugary post-grunge mess that is 1997’s Third Eye Blind by Third Eye Blind.

All this, plus classic SYNW segments like The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, 9021Oh Yeah! Relay and more!

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  • James Cain

    Back from my vacation and getting caught up …holy shit this is one of your best episodes ever. My favourite part of SYNW is always how you guys naturally start inside jokes through discussion, grow them, and reintroduce them later. This might have your smoothest banter yet. It just gives me that warm feeling like when a rubber baby drains their dragon.

    Reply to James Cain
  • Brian VonSoffel

    I saw DJ Qualls in a show a called “Perception” recently, and he kind of made me think of a much thinner Pee Wee Herman.

    Reply to Brian VonSoffel

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