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Episode 144 – Inherent Vice, The Babadook & Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever


It’s time for Episode 144 of See You Next Wednesday! This week, Dan sees if the much-anticipated Inherent Vice lives up to the hype, Greg is visited by The Babadook and Casey has the best Christmas ever with Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever.

Then, they check out Parquet Courts‘ critically acclaimed first release Light Up Gold.

All this plus a very special episode of 9021Oh Yeah! Relay, plenty of movie catch-up (The One I Love, Christmas Vacation, The Ides of March, Mr. Turner, Bad Santa) in The Itty Bitty Tid Bit Committee, and another round of TV Dad Cage Match!

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  • James Cain

    “oh, gun! whoop ba doop ba boop.” – Casey

    Reply to James Cain
  • James Cain

    Me too. So glad you set up Casey for this one

    Reply to James Cain
  • Joseph J. Finn

    Funny thing is, recent over at A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago, I was making the case that Mad About You is weirdly…almost kind of forgotten now, in terms of those really solid NBC comedy lineup of the time. It runs in the morning here in the US (on Hallmark? Lifetime? Something like that.) but seems to have just slipped away even though it’s still a really solid show, while everyone who was involved in the arguably not very good Will & Grace keeps getting work.

    Reply to Joseph J. Finn
  • See You Next Wednesday

    Definitely re: it being a pretty good companion piece.

    Reply to See You Next Wednesday
  • See You Next Wednesday

    Haha! Hope you enjoyed the re-cap!

    Reply to See You Next Wednesday
  • Andrew Christian

    This is the episode of SYNW I’ve been waiting for since 9021Oh yeah relay started. Thank you. I wanted suggest you all do this episode but didn’t want to spoil it.

    Reply to Andrew Christian
  • Jason L. Brow

    To me, it makes sense that this movie would come off as a book since its adapted from a Thomas Pynchon novel. Loosely adapted, as I’ve read that Katherine Waterston’s role has been amplified in the movie and the prevalence of Joanna Newsom’s character is also a Paul Thomas Anderson invention. I would recommend reading the book because it’s approachable and generally enjoyable, but I wager it might not constitute that “second viewing” that most people will require. It might not supplant ‘The Big Lebowski’ as a new cultural institution but I can see it being a nice companion piece for a weekend viewing.

    Reply to Jason L. Brow

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