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Episode 129 – The F Word & Down To You


This week, Casey and Dan get their ‘F’ on (um, wait) when they check out the Toronto based romantic comedy The F Word, while Greg gets down to the sweet sounds of terrible romantic comedy with 2000’s universally panned Down To You.

Then they listen to the newest Cymbals Eat Guitars record, Lose, which is actually a pretty big win.

All this plus classic SYNW segments like The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, TV Dad Cage Match and the exciting season finale of 9021Oh Yeah! Corner!

Plus we welcome our new sponsor, Tweaked Audio! Check them out for all your headphone needs and enter promo code SYNWPC for 33% off plus free shipping! Do it today!

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  • kkhaos38

    If you’re into sleazey films, check out “Street Trash”, “Slime City”, and the Rutger Hauer epic “Hobo With A Shotgun”.

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