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Episode 128 – Sin City: A Dame To Kill For & If I Stay


Casey and Greg find out the harsh realities of city living (i.e boredom) when they check out Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. Then Dan is haunted by the ghost of teen melodrama when he watches If I Stay. 

Then, they discuss what to have for breakfast (and dessert) with Art Garfunkel’s confusingly smooth Fate For Breakfast.

All this, plus classic SYNW segments such as The King Ring – which finds Greg and Casey stepping into the ring for one last time, to discuss the second half of the It miniseries – 9021Oh Yeah! Corner, and more!

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  • David Followes

    Thanks to Casey Lyons and the SYNW Bump, DrinkAlong had an influx of downloads yesterday! Now we just need to get Greg LeGros pissed to complete the trifecta!

    Reply to David Followes
  • Brian VonSoffel

    As soon as you said “chainsaw” in the cage, I knew how it should end, and it did. Justice.

    Reply to Brian VonSoffel
  • James Cain

    Three Men and a Kitten

    Reply to James Cain

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