See You Next Wednesday

Episode 123 – Snowpiercer & The Purge: Anarchy

Dan and Greg hop a train to crazy-land as they discuss Snowpiercer today,while Casey takes to the streets to murder everyone with The Purge: Anarchy.

Then they contemplate world peace, even though Morrissey specifically told them that World Peace Is None Of Your Business. But hey, fuck Morrissey, am I right?

All this plus classic SYNW segments like TV Dad Cage MatchThe King Ring and more!

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  • kkhaos38

    Written and directed by Michael Bay

    Reply to kkhaos38
  • See You Next Wednesday

    That sounds like the losing movie.

    Reply to See You Next Wednesday
  • James Cain

    Do we now have the plot for the SYNW movie?
    (picture an 80s movie credit voice-over reads the rest)
    Dan Gorman and Greg LeGros are leaving the country for extravagant vacations and they’ve left Casey Lyons with one clear rule – do not see Guardians of the Galaxy. Little does Casey know that keeping his word may come at the price of his sanity in See You Next Wednesday The Movie.
    ….soundtrack by Magic! available on Polydor.

    Reply to James Cain
  • kkhaos38

    The Walter Mitty film is a remake. Have you ever seen the original? It is…..the worst.

    Reply to kkhaos38
  • James Cain

    Is “schedule issues prevented Greg from seeing Boyhood” a fancy way of saying that Greg grew up to fast?

    Reply to James Cain
  • See You Next Wednesday

    Joseph, I’ve seen that too, I loved it!

    Reply to See You Next Wednesday
  • Joseph J. Finn

    If you want to see some really, really good early Andrew Garfield, check out “Red Riding 1974”, the first part of a three-part crime series set in Yorkshire. It’s dark (and I do mean dark), very well done and Garfield is pretty great as a reporter trying to track down a Yorkshire Ripper. Also has a good Sean Bean performance.

    Reply to Joseph J. Finn
  • Brian VonSoffel

    I wonder if 90210 seemed at all rational to the kids when they were first watching it?

    Reply to Brian VonSoffel
  • See You Next Wednesday

    The Purge was the loser. We did Snowpiercer because schedule issues prevented Greg from seeing Boyhood.

    Reply to See You Next Wednesday
  • Matt Lee Vincent

    wait? what was the loser movie again? i thought Snowpiercer was awesome and i’m kinda looking forward to seeing Frank Grillo kick ass in The Purge, ever since The Grey i’ve been waiting for that guy’s breakout.

    Reply to Matt Lee Vincent

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