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Episode 101 – Robocop & Winter’s Tale

This week’s episode of See You Next Wednesday finds Casey and Dan debating the merits and downfalls of the Robocop remake (reboot?) Will they buy that for a dollar? Then Greg tries to make sense of the senselessness of Winter’s Tale.

All this plus talk of Horror: Remix, the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, Stringfellow’s Hawk Nest and the nail-biting conclusion of Cereal Swap Cage Match. Don’t miss it!

Also, don’t forget to check out the Flesh + Blood: The Films of Paul Verhoeven retrospective at TIFF Lightbox Theatre from Jan 24th – April 4th.

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  • Matt Bahen

    Greg LeGros your description of a Winter’s Tale was great. Please more segments where Greg goes through a movie in 7min.

    Reply to Matt Bahen
  • See You Next Wednesday

    Thanks for your two cents! This’ll come in handy, we’ll talk about it on the next episode! I definitely agree with you.

    Reply to See You Next Wednesday
  • Matt Lee Vincent

    watched robocop today. i wouldn’t say successful as a remake. hard to say it is successful as a reboot either because (to me) that implies a franchise, although even though the original had 2 sequels & a tv show they were all pretty much garbage. hard to say where it would go, i think both this and the original had specific stories to tell that don’t/didn’t require further entries. the drones on US soil stuff (sam jackson) is a little too on the nose (but OCP in the original wasn’t exactly subtle either) but i did connect with the family stuff. when he sees his wife & kid for the first time, i legitimately felt that drama. the 2 of the 3 major fights had some really nice style. aside from a few nods to the original while watching it i forgot it was a re-whatever and it did a good job of standing on it’s own. overall, i dug it.

    Reply to Matt Lee Vincent
  • Deefidicus

    Dan, please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.

    Reply to Deefidicus

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