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Episode 117 – The Edge of Tomorrow & The Fault In Our Stars

We did it! As it turns out all we need to properly record a podcast is a bottle of wine and some whiskey. This week Greg and Casey visit The Edge of Tomorrow while Dan discovers The Fault In Our Stars.

We also maneuver our way through some of Stephen King‘s lesser work (mainly, The Shining mini-series) before a lightning-round walk-through of his film adaptation. Then, we turn on the suckiness when we review the broadway OST Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark.

All this plus The Itty Bitty Tidbit Comittee, 9021Oh Yeah! Corner (sort of) and more!

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  • David Followes

    That sucks when you lose an episode. So, I guess it’s okay if it makes you feel better to borrow the DrinkAlong formula when you redo it.

    Reply to David Followes
  • Matt Brown

    Son of a bitch that’s genius

    Reply to Matt Brown
  • See You Next Wednesday

    We went back in time and made it in the lost episode instead.

    Reply to See You Next Wednesday
  • Matt Brown

    Did you guys seriously get through a whole re-do episode on EDGE OF TOMORROW and never once make a time loop joke?

    Reply to Matt Brown
  • Edward Masuda

    Two things: 1. always drink some kind of stimulant/depressant 2. because when Greg drinks wine he sounds more like Snagglepuss

    Reply to Edward Masuda

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