A brand new Weezer single has just hit the internet so it’s time once again for the Surface Noise sub-series Feels Like New Weezer! We welcome comedian and our very own Weezer commentator Matt Harbert back for a discussion on the band’s new single ‘Mexican Fender’ and the news of their upcoming album Pacific Daydream. Is this single a rebound from ‘Feels Like Summer’? Or is it a further de-evolution back into Hurley/Raditude territory? Listen and hear our hot takes! We also very briefly touch on the new Brand New album leak. Do you love the new Weezer single? Did you think it was ‘just fine’? Reach out to us on Twitter/Instagram at @surfacenoisepod (Richard) and @yckmd_ (Dan) or send us an email at richard@surfacenoisepod.com and let us know.

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