Super Zero

Episode 7 – Thor / Thor: The Dark World


THE MIGHTY THOR! Super Zero finally lands on Matt’s favourite superhero and Alia has questions, such as: Thor, really? What’s the Super Freezy Box? And can ladies be Thor too?

Matt has answers – possibly too many answers – on subjects ranging from why Thor is so magic and wonderful, to why Dutch-angle kiss scenes are great, and how Marvel might owe the entire MCU to Kenneth Branagh. It’s a Super Zero double-feature with 2011’s THOR and 2014’s THOR: THE DARK WORLD!

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  • Bubbawheat

    SuperZeroCast Not sure what I’m expecting from it, but I am seeing it this weekend so I’ve got high hopes at least.

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  • SuperZeroCast

    Bubbawheat We’re expecting good things from Cinderella!

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  • Bubbawheat

    SuperZeroCast and Marvel went on to GOTG while Brannagh went on to Cinderella.

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