Super Zero

Episode 4 – Unbreakable

They Call Me Mr. Glass

What happens when a superhero movie isn’t based on a comic book, and is maybe directed by the most-hated filmmaker of our time? It’s a format-busting episode: what makes a superhero depressed? How lethal is water, anyway? And what’s the Spencer Treat Clark connection?

Alia and Matt discuss in depth as they pick apart the only cult favourite from M. Night Shyamalan’s long and disastrous career, his 2000 non-comic book comic book movie UNBREAKABLE.

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  • SuperZeroCast

    RvanceTal Understood, and we do our best to refer to the genres correctly although sometimes “comic book movie” still pops out.

    Reply to SuperZeroCast
  • RvanceTal

    I understand when writing the rest of this that it is mainly and entirely a Superhero podcast before I say this.

    Superhero Comic Book and Comic Books are two wildly different things even in north america not counting the rest of the world where comics have traditionally been better received culturally and as such are far more broader and mainstream things. The real nastiness that might have been showcased by Mr. Glass in the movie is the nature Super Hero comics fans to have been putting the thing they are into and love so much above and before the totality of the thing.

    Podcast is still wonderful to listen to as someone who doesn’t go to the Superhero movies that come out in theaters these days.

    Reply to RvanceTal

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