Super Zero

Episode 29 – Supergirl VS. Tank Girl


IT HAS ALL COME DOWN TO THIS: THE FINAL EPISODE OF SUPER ZERO! Only two questions matter: Can Matt turn Alia around on a dumb superhero movie he loved in his childhood? And, can Alia explain the cinematic need for Kangaroo Men?

HEAR! Matt’s terrible vocal impression of the late, great Peter O’Toole!

LEARN! How bible-toting young Alia was corrupted by dreams of a kangaroo’s doink!

KNOW! The truth about the Bottle City of Kandor!

It’s the final battle in our all-female series finale as we pit Kryptonian teenager against post-apocalyptic punk in SUPERGIRL VS. TANK GIRL!!

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  • Matthew Fabb

    I’m sad that Super Zero is no more, or at least there aren’t any more seasons left. Still it ended off with a high note with this episode. It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen Supergirl that it’s all just a vague fuzzy memory. That said, I do absolutely love the craziness that is the Tank Girl movie.

    A while back Alan Martin, co-creator of the Tank Girl was hoping for a new Tank Girl movie. He pointed to Judge Dredd, which was an classic British comic that bombed in 1995 and was just recently rebooted with a version that was a lot better, even if it also didn’t do well financially.

    Speaking of which a Judge Dredd 1995 movie vs Dredd 2012 movie would make a great Super Zero!

    Another great 1990’s comic book movie was the Crow from 1994. Horrible sequels, but the original remains a classic.

    There’s also various Vertigo comic book movies, V For Vendetta, Watchmen, Constantine (vs Constantine the tv show, maybe just the pilot rather than the full series). Watchmen is interesting since Zack Snyder took over DC. Also one of the things I wonder is if Watchmen was made too soon. That superhero movies should have continued on for some time before making a movie like Watchmen that is supposed to deconstruct superheroes.

    There’s also The Rocketeer, which you could team up with Captain America, as they both directed by Joe Johnston and were both period pieces.

    I know Matt is a big fan of Big Hero 6, which would be interesting to cover since it’s Disney trying their hand at Marvel’s characters. It’s also interesting in how radically different it is from the comic book source material.

    Anyways, I’m mainly making all these suggesting as I really enjoyed this podcast and would love to see more. 🙂

    Reply to Matthew Fabb
  • Allan McPherson

    The elephant in this room is, sad to say, Barb Wire. Not that I am actively try to inflict that on you or anything…

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