Super Zero

Episode 22 – Fantastic Four


The summer of 2015 comes to a close with the crash landing of a reboot of a sequel of a reboot of a franchise that no one can seem to get right. Alia’s all good, but Matt has a lot of questions, like: do penises stretch? (More than usual, anyway?) Is Josh Trank’s story a Shakespearean tragedy? And why does Alia keep saying there’s going to be a sequel to this disaster?

It’s a cruise in the Fantasticar with Marvel’s first family, in Josh Trank’s FANTASTIC FOUR!

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  • Sean Kelly

    I watched the 94 Fantastic Four film when it was posted on Dailymotion a few weeks ago. Not a very good film, but the costumes are closest to the comics (apparently the bulk of the FX budget was spent on The Thing).

    Also, there was indeed a Fantastic Four cartoon in 94. It aired (in an hour long block with an Iron Man cartoon) very early on Saturday mornings.

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