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Episode 21 – Daredevil

The suit's fine, quit complaining

Episode switcheroo! We jump ahead one installment to give you our long-awaited look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most interesting project to date, and as usual, Alia has questions. Like: Is Krysten Ritter Daredevil? Was Wilson Fisk a teenage Japanophile? And why isn’t there sex if there’s so much punching?

Matt only has one question in response: does Alia have the devil inside her? Let’s find out as we carve into Netflix’s fantastic 13-episode adaptation of the Batman of the Marvel universe: DAREDEVIL!

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  • Allan McPherson

    Great show. DD is probably my most loved Marvel character. Unlike many of the characters that have been adapted to screen, there are so many great DD stories out there that could be adapted nearly “out of the box” that it sort of surprises me that it has taken so long to do this franchise “right.”

    Re; Matt Murdock; Poonhound. His “player” status in comics is kinda funny. Brainy, sensitive, self doubting, with a disability even, guys who gets with all of the ladies…maybe a bit of comic fan wish fulfillment going on there? At any rate, one thing that doesn’t get mentioned enough when people crack-wise about his little black book, is that almost all of his relationships have been with pretty well drawn, compelling characters. Even the “minor” ones, like poor Glorianna, were better developed than most female leads in comics. Too bad there seems to be an editorial mandate to kill/ drive insane almost all of them.. but that is another issue all together.

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