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Episode 10 – The Avengers


THE AVENGERS! Thor! Hulk! Hawkeye! Black Widow! Stellan Skarsgard! Boy, there’s a lot going on in this movie, and Alia has questions about all of it. Like: who’s Captain America? What’s a quim? And what happened to Edward Norton?

Matt chimes in with questions of his own, like: who is Consterned Girl? Why do boobs get in the way of a bow and arrow? And do these movies inadvertently create anxiety in the lay-viewer?

Heat up your shawarma and grab your infinity stones, it’s an hour-long discussion of the biggest comic book movie of all time, Joss Whedon’s 2012 superhero sleepover party THE AVENGERS!

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  • SuperZeroCast

    Sean Kelly I agree the tail end of the first season was a pretty big improvement, but my interest has waned significantly this year. Going to pick it up again around Avengers 2 and see if I care any more.

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  • Sean Kelly

    Ten episodes into Super Zero and The Avengers is the first film I actually re-watched before listening (my reasoning being my blu-ray was sitting unwatched on my shelf and this was a good excuse to watch it before the sequel comes out).

    As someone who’s actually a fan of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I have to say that the first season has to be watched (or at least brought up) for the episode on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, since the show got really good in the final 5 or so episodes of the season, as it dealt with the events of the film.

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  • matthewfabb

    I think Matt Brown might be wrong about Iron Man 3 being unimportant to Avengers 2. Now this is just pure guess work on my part, having not seen any of the trailers of Avengers 2, but I think the events at the end of Iron Man 3 will carry over. I won’t mention what these events are in detail, since Alia hasn’t watched it yet, but they do explore a bit of artificial intelligence. Of course, the main villain of Avengers 2 is  Ultron is an intelligent robot and then there is Vision, so I think Whedon is going to run with what was set up in Iron Man 3.
    Captain America 2 will definitely be a major piece of the set up of Avengers 2, but I still wonder if the events of Iron Man 3 will carry more weight. Perhaps you guys could do an episode covering both movies?
    Also Matt Brown mentioned Joss Whedon likely didn’t have anything to do with Thor 2, just that it still feels funnier because of Whedon’s involvement in the Marvel Universe. Well, Whedon actually re-wrote 3 scenes from Thor 2. Director Alan Taylor was having trouble with a particular scene and Marvel flew Whedon into London to rework that scene. Taylor compared it to basically a SWAT team being airlifted in. Then before Whedon left he also rewrote two additional scenes. One of the three scenes Whedon worked on was apparently the scene where Loki is talking to Thor and is shape shifting, which definitely comes off very much as a  Whedonesque comedy piece.

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