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BONUS EPISODE! The Lost Spider-Man 2 Show


Did you miss us? We missed you! As Team Super Zero gears up for Phase 2 (starting July 23!), we pull a dusty rabbit spider out of our hat and revive our lost first look at the Marvel universe on screen. Questions abound!: Why are webs like jizz? What’s wrong with Kirsten Dunst’s eyes? And why does Matt hate this movie so much?

All will be revealed as we dive into Sam Raimi’s genre-defining exercise in making people sad, SPIDER-MAN 2!

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  • Dan Gorman

    I’m worried about revisiting this now, as I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time but have not gone back since then. I remember the excitement of seeing it in theaters, though. When we were leaving, a friend I was going in with’s brother came out of the screening beforehand, nodding in approvement, and we got pretty pumped up for it.

    Guess I’ll have to queue it up soon and see how I feel now.

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  • Sean Kelly

    In the comics, Harry Osbourne just becomes an all new Green Goblin, with the exact same look.

    Hobgoblin was a totally different character, known mostly for the fact that he wears yellow instead of green. Two individuals were the Hobgoblin in the comics, one of whom gets mutated and becomes Demogoblin.

    Ironically the 1990s Spider-Man animated series confused the continuity of the comics more than the movies. Hobgoblin was seen on the show long before Green Goblin, even though the latter is the more important villian.

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