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Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice


We’re back for a bonus episode to talk about the movie that everyone wants to talk about: the one where the superheroes fight! Batman! Superman! But here’s an added wrinkle: this time, Matt hasn’t even seen it, so you’d better believe he has questions. Like: how’s Wonder Woman? Does Batman dream the future? And they did WHAT to Superman?!

Alia’s the expert and the fate of the DC Expanded Universe hangs in the balance as Super Zero throws down with BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE!

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  • Sean Kelly

    I decided to clear up a few things that confused Alia.

    Levitating Bat Cyclone: While indeed a WTF moment, immediately afterwards the narration identifies it as a dream.

    Desert Vision: The general consensus is that this scene is foreshadowing the arrival of Darkseid, who is rumored to be the villain of Justice League.

    Lex Luther’s Motivations: Lex wants Superman destroyed. Plan A is to manipulate Batman to do the deed and Plan B is Doomsday, who does not arrive until after the titular battle is over and is mentioned by Lex by name, as he tells Superman that the creature is “Your Doomsday.”

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