After All Season 2 Episode 1 - The Birds and ... um ... Bess | Modern Superior

We’re back with the second season of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Birds and … um … Bess! And the second season of The Mary Tyler Moore Show is pulling no punches! It all starts off with a bang … pun intended. After WJM-TV airs a special on sexual education and finding out your sex IQ, Mary scores incredibly high. As a result, Phyllis enlists her to help teach Bess about sex! It’s an eye-opening episode, as Ariel and Silvia talk about their experiences growing up and learning about sex for the first time, the current situation with the Ontario sex ed curriculum, and that sex should be pleasurable for women … something we can’t really believe we need to say! Join us on Twitter and Facebook, and share your stories of learning about sex for the first time!

Apologies for the sound quality. We’ll do better going forward, we promise!

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