the muskateers pilot episode television series photo

Hey Frequent Flyers, and welcome aboard our eleventh pilot: The Musketeers!

Due to a shortage of space, we ask that passengers only have one name. We’ve also changed our destination from anywhere else in the world to Paris. While there, we wish you a pleasant journey amongst gloomy rain filled Vengeance-tours, with your three closest friends.

Who are they? Does it matter? They’re all the same anyways.

During this flight you get to see Peter Capaldi be a villain, that guy from The Hobbit, and Lancelot from Merlin. Your flight deck is sure the other people are important too, but are they, really?

We understand you may be confused on the names, and we appreciate your understanding. Any at all. Honestly, do you understand what’s happening?

Well, as we always say aboard this airline: all for one and one for all.¬†That’s a lie, we’ve never said that. It’s every pilot for themselves out here.

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