A Frame Apart Episode 76 - Raw VS Trouble Every Day | Modern Superior

As we continue our Women in Horror Month, we venture into the realm of the New French Extremity, and its progeny: this week we’re looking at Claire Denis’ Trouble Every Day versus Julia Ducournau’s directorial debut, Raw. Both films tackle cannibalistic urges in conjunction with sexual awakening, loss of virginity, or passion and desire. We’re discussing these two depictions of the ferocity of female sexuality as something we’re taught to hide away, keep behind closed doors, and even to be ashamed of – but something that always gets unleashed, and what happens when it does.

Much of our research this week came from Alexandra West’s amazing book Films of the New French Extremity: Visceral Horror and National Identity which can be found on Amazon and Google Books.

During the month, be sure to take a look at Ariel’s Letterboxd list of female-directed horror films. It’s at 136 right now – let’s make those numbers climb! Send us a message or email with any suggestions not already on the list!

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