Episode 7 - Oldboy vs Kill List

Well, folks, it’s that magical time of year again. That special season when wallets run dry, coffee flows like water, and the theatre district looks like something out of a George Romero flick; it’s TIFF season!

This week we’re looking at two films from festival favorites Park Chan-wook and Ben Wheatley: Oldboy (2003) and Kill List (2011). Along the way, we discuss both films in depth, while digging into issues of intent and ambiguity. So shine those hammers and load up your pistol of choice as we wade into a symphony of violence, revenge, and smashed faces.

Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire opened the festival’s Midnight Madness programme last night, with it’s second screening this morning at 11:30am. Park Chan-wook’s tantalizing The Handmaiden has its North American premiere this Saturday, September 10th, with a follow-up screening on Sunday the 11th.

Free Fire Red-Band Trailer:

The Handmaiden Trailer: