A Frame Apart Episode 38 - Eat Your Darts: Audition | Modern Superior

Spring is in full bloom, and love is in the air. This week on A Frame Apart, we’re taking a look at the Japanese Rom Com Drama Romance Horror Thriller Audition. One of Takashi Miike’s most renowned films, Audition is considered by Rolling Stone Magazine to be one of the scariest horror movies you’ve never seen. And until this episode, it was one of the scariest movies Bob had never seen! We dive headfirst into the flick’s feminist and sexist undertones, overtones, and themes of revenge, while Ariel talks about her deceptive first viewing of the film, and Bob checks this must-see horror flick of The List. Did it live up to its lofty legacy? Tune in to find out!

At the top of the episode we discuss Nacho Vigalondo’s Colossal, and Frank Oz’s 2007 British farce, Death at a Funeral as our main movie recommendations of the week. Did we love them? Yes. Yes we did. So check out Colossal at a theatre near you, and rent Death at a Funeral at your local video store! We happened to rent our copy from the always intimidating/glorious Bay Street Video.

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