A Frame Apart Episode 37 - Father of the Bride Part II VS Nine Months | Modern Superior


Easter has come and gone, but Spring has sprung and the buds are in bloom. So, naturally, we take the opportunity to discuss babies and birth! What better way to do that than with some deliciously light fare? It’s Father of the Bride Part II versus Nine Months, and the anxiety of childbirth! This, of course, coming from a couple with no kids (yet?) We throw everything on the table: the notion of “Breeders” versus independents, whether or not it actually is our civic responsibility to procreate, and how the concept of parenting has changed since, say, the 1950’s. Join us as we walk down this pastel path and talk about all things babies.

As discussed in the episode, here are Tina Hassania and Calum Marsh‘s companion pieces from the National Post on why motherhood and fatherhood are not for everyone and shouldn’t have to be.

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