Episode 35 - Death Becomes Her VS Re-Animator | Modern Superior


It’s April, which can only mean one thing: Easter! And Passover. And the first full month of Spring … okay, it means more than just one thing, but for us at A Frame Apart we’re taking advantage of the chocolate bunnies and coloured eggs to help curtail this month’s programming. So what better way to begin our celebration of Easter than with a look at immortality and rebirth? It’s Death Becomes Her versus Re-Animator to start off our Easter celebrations! We dig into the conundrums of both flicks to discover just what it means to live forever, and what is the ultimate price for immortality? What is immortality to Ariel? Would Bob live forever if he could bestow the gift of eternal life on three other people? Is immortality really more of a punishment than an ultimate reward? Tune in to find out!

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