After All Episode 23 - Smokey The Bear Wants You | Modern Superior

The focus this week is on none other than our favourite Rhoda Morgenstern! The new man in her life, Chuck Pelligrini, seems too good to be true; he has all kinds of free time, tons of money, strange connections … Rhoda and Mary start to suspect he may be part of the mob. But after bringing Rhoda to meet his Godfather, Chuck confesses he’s actually a former CEO who left his $30,000/year job ($185,822.11 today!) to become a forest ranger. Yep, Smokey the Bear wants Chuck! And Rhoda isn’t totally sure how she feels about his new career objectives.

As we discuss Chuck going back to school to fulfill his passion for forestry, Silvia discusses what she’d do if she could start all over, and Ariel shares what’s really stopping her from reaching her full potential. We discuss dashed dreams, missed opportunities, how we feel about our accomplishments, and the fine art of self-sabotage. We also discuss the way we as women compromise in relationships for the other person, sometimes self-sacrificing along the way, and the limitations we place on ourselves as women, refraining from certain things or missing out.

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Only one more episode left until the end of Season 1! Then it’s reruns until September! Let us know what you thought of the first season, what you’re looking forward to in season 2, and anything else you’d like to share!

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