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Episode 20 – Christmas Specials

A Frame Apart - Christmas Specials - A Charlie Brown Christmas

Believe it or not, there’s more to Christmas than just Christmas-themed horror movies. So this week we went a little more traditional, and looked at some of our favourite Christmas Specials! From Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (1964) to A Garfield Christmas (1987) with lots in between, we talk about what makes these specials so … well, special! Scripture, shameless innocence, some awkward songs, and killer stop-motion animation, they each have something wonderful to share. So we’re sharing them with you!

The panels have all wrapped up for the  Canadian Association of Online Film Criticsbut there’s tons more in the works for next year! Check out the website, and find the membership that’s right for you. All of our previous panels and Q&A’s are available for purchase through the site as well, so feel free to give them a gander.

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Episode 20 – Christmas Specials



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  • Sean Kelly

    I hope that comment about how Mickey Rooney’s never going to die was a joke, since he’s been dead for nearly three years now.

    Also, Ariel’s right that Catholism is part of the larger Christianity religion. However, if you compare Catholics to Protestents, they might as well be different religions (the latter being where most the fundamentalists come from).

    Reply to Sean Kelly
    • Ariel Fisher

      It was a joke, but in hindsight, probably not in the greatest taste.

      Reply to Ariel Fisher

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