Photo by Nika Rae Zelina.

If you haven’t had a chance to see The Holy Gasp live yet, you’re going to have another opportunity soon as the band gears up to perform on May 6th at The Silver Dollar Room for Canadian Music Week.

Honestly, you need to see The Holy Gasp play their brand of “Afro-Cuban psychedelic surf punk” (so the event describes them as) live. They tore up the Smiling Buddha most recently, while front-man Benjamin Hackman took to jumping off-stage and joining the crowd as he yelped and sung his way through their wild set-list of eclectic tunes.

As he said in his own words in response to my question about what you should expect at the upcoming CMW show“People should lower their expectations and expect nothing. Life is a terrible journey of suffering, in which loved ones die and all things are irreversible. Don’t come with expectation; come to freak out and get groovy. It’ll be more fun that way – I promise.”

So find a way to fit their set int your Canadian Music Week schedules, and leave your expectations at the door!

The Holy Gasp will perform at The Silver Dollar Room on May 6th, 2014 at 9PM.