Coen Brothers Retrospective at TIFF Bell Lightbox


In 1984 two brothers from Minnesota realized their dream of making a feature length motion picture. It was a dream they’d been cultivating since their days as children making Super 8 movies with the help of the neighborhood kids. The movie they made was called Blood Simple; a cool, timeless paean to Dashiell Hammett that is as confident and engaging as any of their later work. From their very first film it was evident that the Coen Brothers would become a defining voice in American cinema. They’ve continued to present these elaborately imagined worlds that seamlessly incorporate influences like Preston Sturges and Raymond Chandler while firmly maintaining their own signature aesthetic.

TIFF Bell Lightbox is presenting a retrospective called Joel & Ethan Coen: Tall Tales from November 28th to December 20th. They will be screening:

Fargo – Thurs, Nov 28th
Miller’s Crossing – Fri, Nov 29th
No Country for Old Men – Sat, Nov 30th
Blood Simple – Sun, Dec 1st
O Brother, Where Art Thou? – Tues, Dec 3rd
Raising Arizona – Thurs, Dec 5th
Barton Fink – Fri, Dec 6th
The Big Lebowski – Fri, Dec 13th
A Serious Man – Tues, Dec 17th
True Grit – Fri, Dec 20th 

In honour of this amazing retrospective Modern Superior will be posting reviews of the films they’ll be showing.

Seeing a Coen Brothers movie on the big screen is both an overwhelming and satisfying experience that everyone should have. Do yourself a giant favour and go see these screenings, friend-o.

Go to TIFF.NET for additional information on the Joel & Ethan Coen: Tall Tales Retrospective.


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