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Here’s a little something to keep you going in the heat. This is what summer music sounds like for me.

  1. Apologies To Insect Life by British Sea Power from their debut album The Decline Of British Sea Power.

Urgent, anxious and unhinged- This little gem of a track fires out of the gate with wild abandon and is constantly at risk of falling apart. Thrilling.

  1. Heat Distraction by Women from the album Public Strain.

I was lucky enough to see Women live before the hiatus and Christopher Reimer’s untimely death, the live show had all of the friction and juxtaposition of the recorded material. Dark, complex and utterly beautiful.

  1. Pre Language by Disappears from the album Pre Language.

Disappears quietly released what is likely the best album of 2012, outstanding atmosphere anchored by Steve Shelley’s incomparable drum work. Get this album. Get it now.

  1. A Tower by Holograms from the self titled debut album.

I lost my shit over this album last year. Frenetic Post-Punk from Stockholm with a unique sense of hooks and plenty of energy, I find this group boundlessly entertaining.

  1. Long Flight by Future Islands from the album In Evening Air.

I absolutely LOVE this song. Dark, sexy, urgent, sad, danceable and totally unique. In Evening Air is a stunning album and this is the shining moment of perfection from it. And the video makes me weirdly happy.

  1. Sweatmother by Tobacco from the album Maniac Meat.

Maybe you’ve been listening to Black Moth Super Rainbow thinking it was pretty good. Stop doing that and just listen to Tobacco. This album knocked me on my ass, I’ve never really put it down since getting it in 2010. Hard to pick one track, I went with Sweatmother because I had intended this mix to be summer-y and it’s just dripping with heat.

  1. Defence by Cousins from the album The Palm At The End Of The Mind.

I was sitting in a bar in Peterborough when I first heard this band. I Shazam’d 3 different songs because I kept going “This is awesome, what is this?”, the same album kept coming up and I figured I’d be wise to buy it. Wise indeed, Halifax’s Cousins are a band to take note of. Brave and unique, they are one of Canada’s best.

  1. Hey Friend by JEFF The Brotherhood from the album We Are The Champions.

JEFF The Brotherhood are one of those bands that makes being in a band seem like being in a band is the most awesome thing you could be in. Know what I mean? This song makes me want a lake, some beer and the sun going down.

  1. The Hit by Daughters from the album Daughters.

Daughters are ferocious, complex and exhilarating. This 2010 album will pretty much melt your face. This is the nicest, tamest song on the album. The rest of it sounds like the best terrifying nightmare I’ve ever had.

 Greg LeGros