Photo by Nika Rae Zelina.

Okay, maybe you’re sick of me talking about The Holy Gasp, but I’m going to continue to do it anyway. As I’ve mentioned in the past, there’s much to say about the band – self described as a damn-the-Man beatnik revival conga revolution, a boxcar and a jug of wine, a groove, daddy, and the farthest thing from a king sized bust” – and their frenetic live performances. I will get it out of the way now, and re-state that you must make it out to one of their upcoming shows to really see what they are all about. 

Thankfully though, for those of us who have seen the shows and are clamoring for more at-home listening material, the band has recently announced their upcoming album – which will be titled We Really Mean It and should be out later this year. While you wait for that to arrive, you can get started by checking out the first released track off that album here, titled “That’s How I Get Down”.

The song – which the band frequently plays live in their sets – is a start-stop freak-out punctuated by Benjamin Hackman‘s yelped vocals and laughs, with plenty of squealing saxophone, vaguely surf-y guitar strums and atmospheric stabs, that all builds to an immensely satisfying crescendo. Again, this stuff is incredible to see live, but thankfully as I also noted in a previous post on the band’s Bedbugs EP, the production is superb – which allows the track to sacrifice none of the unpredictability nature that makes The Holy Gasp so exciting.

So if you haven’t yet taken my heed and checked out the band, now’s a perfect time to dive into their Bandcamp page for more tracks.