I wrote about Jesse Futerman‘s Super Basement EP a few years ago, after stumbling upon his music on Bandcamp while trolling through the “Toronto” tag. The artwork for that release grabbed me, and the music within was just as wonderful; a subtle concoction of downtempo beats and jazzy electronics. It certainly scratched my itch at the time, and has always sounded great upon revisits. I haven’t kept my eye too closely on Jesse Futerman since – aside from the follow-up EP Fuse the Witches – but today an email landed in my inbox with his familiar name attached, announcing his new LP.

That album, is Hidden Basement – a collection of b-sides and other assorted-yet-unreleased tracks.

The album has officially launched and can be streamed at Jesse Futerman’s Bandcamp page. I’ve embedded the stream above, which should get you excited to go buy the record through the link. Fans of Bonobo‘s early work, downtempo crate-diggers like Nightmares on Wax and Funki Porcini, or the jazz-sample heavy Skalpel will surely be thoroughly pleased by this stuff.

All of his work comes highly recommended from me, as it really fits well between the aforementioned artists’ – if you’re like me and always on the look out for a nice dusty beat to nod your head along to, Jesse’s discography will always have you covered.

Hidden Basement drops for FREE on Jus Like Music Records via Bandcamp on Tuesday 22 April.