If you like your indie-rock especially heavy, with a big dose of space-like atmospherics, then you may want to get your hands on the new album In Paradox from Quebec City’s Jet Black. Formed in ’08 – drawing inspiration from plenty of seminal bands like Hum, QuicksandSwervedriver, Cave In, and more – the band already has one full-length under their belt, but In Paradox offers a slicker, heavier, and much more focused take on their whirlwinds of guitar riffs, post-rock structures and explosions of distortion.

“Blank Note”, embedded above, moves from a churning, simple and driving set of riffs through into plucked lead-lines and arrives at a drum-roll filled, melodically anthemic conclusion. “P. Report” continues the 90s worship directly after, with a slyly catchy lead vocal melody over more twisting riffage – which jumps deftly between post-hardcore and dueling math-rosk-esque, warbled lead guitar work.

So, if you’ve got a particular hankering for some indie-rock of the heavier persuasion, you should keep Jet Black on your radar – In Paradox definitely shows a lot of promise, and the ability to crib from all the right influences. Whether they can truly fuse their ingredients into something wholly their own may have yet to be seen, but for now In Paradox does the trick quite nicely.