A weekly pop-culture and film podcast where a single die-roll decides what movies we see in theaters each week.

Dan’s love — or obsession? — with music, horror movies, podcasting, VHS and all things nostalgic led him to the big city post-College where great bands and rep cinemas, exist in abundance. After meeting co-hosts Greg and Casey at Toronto bar Rancho Relaxo, the three bonded over long nights of live-music and nostalgic movie discussions. The rest, as they say, is history!


When he’s not working on his encyclopedic music knowledge or slinging VHS recommendations faster than you can say R.O.T.O.R., Greg LeGros might be found yelling at you from a stage or working on a film set near you. He also really likes the movie Miracle Mile, you should ask him about it!


Look at that dude right there, whatta charmer! Casey Lyons is one of the most knowledgeable guys you’ll meet, he’ll talk your ear off about music, art, movies and more. When not co-hosting two of our podcasts, he might be playing guitar or churning out articles about the Miley Cyrus opus LOL.

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Awards? We’ve Got ‘Em!

“Sometimes you just want a friend you can trust to tell you what you should be watching and why. The guys at See You Next Wednesday ARE that friend.”
See You Next Wednesday featured on CBC’s Podcast Playlist


“There were a lot of great laughs in the nominations this week but I am a big sucker for really terrible dad jokes. The first 3 minutes of Episode 131 wins. I have a porpoise in life. Also, the segments they do on this show are loads of fun – take a listen.”
Winner of the “Biggest Laugh” Bi-Weekly Podcast Nod!


One of 8 “Hometown Digital Heroes” featured in The Star‘s “Canadian Digital Comedy Boom” article!

“I have literally listened to hundreds of episodes of SYNW and haven’t gotten sick of it yet! […] I generally have a rule about not listening to ensemble podcasts with no women, but SYNW is my one current exception cause Dan, Greg and Casey aren’t gross and boys’ clubby, there’s no casual mysogyny or homophobia, and in fact they often make a point of calling out sexist nonsense even in movies they enjoy (e.g. James Wan’s many taint-shots in Furious 7). To conclude, they’re pretty good boys.” – Kelsey Sharpe, iTunes Review