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Episode 86: Billy on the Street, Rogue Flight Crew in the Sheets

When the Captain’s away the crew comes out to play – a trivia game that is!

Our New Years episode kicks off 2017 with questions, debates, and deeply personal insights to some of the crew’s proclivities, Billy on the Street style.

Featuring the return of Steely Eyed Missile Man and Stowaway, the crew get into it (and it we mean terrible alcohol) while Fearless Flyer listens from afar, proud of Flying Dutchman‘s terrible terrible jokes.

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  • Richard Surface Noise

    I love Billy on the Street. It’s worth noting that his persona on the show is very much a character. There is a clip on YouTube where he’s being interviewed by CBS News I think and he talks about it. Some of the racially charged or aggressive segments feel less mean if you consider that part of the joke is on Billy for his ignorance, wild emotional shifts, and overall neediness. The people being accosted are the ‘straight man’ and he is the crazy person who is wrong/ridiculous. It’s also nice to see all different types of people have fun and get a moment in the spotlight, even if it’s just for a dollar or a foam-mounted caricature of Meryl Streep.

    Reply to Richard Surface Noise
    • Dan Gorman

      I love Billy on the Street as well; I do think that the latest season has seen his character get progressively more and more aggressive compared to the first season of the series. But overall I think it’s a pretty great show.

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